Ten Ways To Kill Time Waiting For A Lampo Table

10. Tell your kids to go play in the parking lot while you & your husband sit at the bar and drink Negronis. Essentially, be that 1950s parent. Throwing rocks is fun, right?

9. People watch. Specifically, watch the look on people's face as their wait time for a table hits them like a bucket of cold water to the face. 

8. Read a book. Seriously. Your phone can only be so interesting. (Patt, pictured right, didn't get the memo.)  

7. If you're Patt and it's 90 degrees out, start seriously regretting your boot/wool sock choice. 

6. Check out the latest Snapchat filters. Take a couple selfies with the mural wall (to the right of the entrance).

5. Throw shade on other people waiting for a table. Decide social pecking order, and just exactly what you'd be willing to do for your dinner. 

4. Dream about making Spudnut Coffee into a collaboration waiting area for Lampo in order to eat #allthedonuts.

3. Get your peeping Tom on and check out the resident Airstream trailer. 

2. Eavesdrop on conversations at nearby tables and try not to be too judgy. 

1. Check out Pen + Knife's latest posts on your phone. :) 

What are we missing?