Kaffee und Kuchen. 

Anika really loves horses.

Anika really loves horses.

Coffee and cake. Throughout her childhood, 4 o’clock was sacred, the witching hour of all things sweet and caffeinated. Her whole family - mama, papa, and three kids - would gather in the living room, on the front porch, or once every couple years, in a small café in Weimar, Germany. Sometimes it was homemade Bienenstich (bee sting cake), cut into rectangular pieces of almond-honey-doughy goodness. Other times it was her mom’s  almond biscotti and fresh strawberries. At Christmas it was lebkuchen and marzipan with warm mugs of gluhwein. In the middle of a busy week, it was store-bought pastries and some extra dark chocolate. But, always, it was 4 o’clock. 

It's still up in the air whether this tradition was established purely because of German/Italian heritage-related reasons or was (and is) simply her parents’ way of routinely getting the whole family together. She has a pretty good idea though, built on a foundation of laughs, jokes, memories, and conversations through the years, all sparked by the magical Kaffee und Kuchen. Over time she's realized that all good food and drink - at any hour - involve the former, and that Charlottesville happens to house a unique and always evolving collection of menus, chefs, and foodie personalities. Is recipe for success too much of a pun?

A journalist by degree and at heart, Anika will try anything once, likes to ask too many questions, and is extra excited about the fact that she finally has a good excuse to photograph meals from start to finish (to Patt’s utter dismay.) She enjoys observing the influence that environments have on style, and how the latter can add to one's overall experience - check out some of her musings here